Why You Might Want to Take a “Cannabis Tolerance Break”

Remember way back when a few hits got you reallllyyy high? Yeah. That was nice. There are actually several reasons to take a cannabis tolerance break (aka t-break) but it might not even occur to you that you need hemp hiatus. After all, you can’t get addicted to weed- so why the need to ever … Read moreWhy You Might Want to Take a “Cannabis Tolerance Break”

What is Cannabis Micro Dosing?

Way back when, dabbling in cannabis meant one thing—getting high. But as more information emerges about pot’s health benefits and it becomes legalized in a growing number of states, more nuanced uses for the plant are stepping into the spotlight. Some people are using CBD-infused products to reduce stress with zero buzz, while others are … Read moreWhat is Cannabis Micro Dosing?