5 Things To Do if You Got a Little “Too Stoned”

Even the most seasoned smoker has a story or two about “that one time” they overdid it, and freaked out a little bit. Hey, it’s happened to the best of us. 

Though marijuana has proven to be both medically and therapeutically beneficial, smoking too much of a potent weed strain can send even a veteran smoker in a tailspin of anxiety and paranoia. Too much of a good thing, right??

Here are 10 ways to “come down” if you got a little too stoned:

Smell (or Better Yet, Eat) Black Pepper if You’re Too High

Yah, you heard me: black pepper.

The first time I heard this, I was like: “bahaha sure.” But let me tell you, it WORKS.

There are many benefits of black pepper; one of my favorites is its ability to counteract a wild, psychoactive high. Black pepper contains terpenes that help blunt the effect of THC, making your high a little more mellow.

A 2011 review published in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that both cannabis and black pepper have similar chemical traits. 

Author Dr. Ethan Russo, a neurologist and psychopharmacology researcher, wrote that terpenes, such as beta-caryophyllene, found in peppercorn can help “tame the intoxicating effects of THC.” Beta-caryophyllene and THC form a synergistic relationship and bind to the same cannabinoid receptors, creating a calming effect.

Next time you’ve gotten a little too high, head to the kitchen and take a deep breath into the black pepper jar- or go cook something with fresh black pepper in it.

If you’re looking for a weird/wild combo, here are 7 foods to sprinkle black pepper on for a surprisingly tasty, buzz-taming treat.  

Take CBD to Counter a “Bad High”

I promise you that- especially in these types of situations- CBD will be your best friend.

Cannabidiol (CBD for short) has a lot of proven health benefits- we all know that. But did you also know that CBD can help you come down if you’ve gotten a little too high?

With more and more states jumping on the recreationally-legal bandwagon, it is becoming easier and easier to have access to legal, recreational marijuana.

While THC has plenty of health benefits (like the rest of its other cannabinoid friends) it can also have weird mental and physical side-effects- some of which can be a bit undesirable (hello anxious feelings that come out of nowhere)…

Decades of research have shown that CBD can reduce THC-induced anxiety and paranoia. In a February 1982 study researchers examined whether CBD could reduce anxiety from THC. 

The study concluded that CBD is potentially “involved in the antagonism of effects between the two cannabinoids.” A more recent study also found that, when CBD was consumed alongside THC, it appeared to lessen the adverse effects of THC- like paranoia and anxiety.

If you are in the middle of a bad high, and you want it to calm down, CBD tinctures and concentrates can help you come down.

CBD can also work wonders with regular anxiety attacks, and can bring you back down to reality when you have gotten a little too high.

Drink Water Lots of Water if You’re Too Stoned

This trick is easy to remember, even if you’re too stoned to remember your own name: DRINK WATER. 

Staying hydrated, before and after, can help calm you down after consuming a bit too much herb. Not only will a large glass of H2O help counter cottonmouth, it also will help you focus on the simple act of sipping and swallowing.

Make sure to fill a large bottle of water before you imbibe, and make sure to sip on it if you’re feeling a bit too high.  

Some people also find relief while eating a snack, drinking juice, or munching through the entire contents of their refrigerator. However, it’s important to be aware of exactly what you’re eating and drinking (things like mangoes contain the terpenoid myrcene, which has shown the ability to enhance and prolong the effects of THC) 


If You’re Too High, Take Some Ibuprofen 

While in general, I’m not a huge proponent of taking NSAIDS, or over-the-counter medicine (unless it’s absolutely, 100% necessary- hello natural medicine!) a number of regular anti-inflammatory drugs- like ibuprofen- have been proven to tame a strong marijuana buzz. 

Sobering up by mixing ibuprofen and weed can be an effective, over-the-counter solution for taming your high. 

In a 2013 animal study conducted by researchers from the University of Louisiana’s School of Medicine, the team found that certain types of anti-inflammatory medication appeared to counteract the stoned effect of cannabis and reduce negative effects on cognition. 

Too High? Do Something Distracting & Fun 

Go for a walk, put on your favorite music, or Netflix show, have a conversation with a stoned companion… anything that will help distract you from the sudden bout of cannabis-induced anxiety. 

By shifting your attention from how high you are, to concentrating on an enjoyable activity, you’ll be able to shed that uncomfortable marijuana high in no time at all.

Do you have any tricks to help you “come down” if you got a little too stoned? We’d love to hear them below!

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